The Genecept™ Assay: A Saliva-Based Genetic Test


The Genecept Assay is a comprehensive, simple to use tool for understanding genetic and biological markers that best inform responses to different psychiatric treatments.


The Assay is Genomind’s core product. It consists of a proprietary panel of 10 biomarkers, an analytic report, and consultation with a psychopharmacologist.


The Assay’s purpose is to help clinicians more quickly find appropriate, effective treatment based on individual patients’ physiological and genetic profile. It can be used for patients with a range of difficult to treat psychiatric conditions including depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, anxiety disorders, OCD and ADHD.


How does it work?


The Genecept Assay is simple to use.

  1. Order a test kit.
  2. Clinician determines which type of testing will be used on the patient.  If a saliva- collection tube is suggested, the patient provides 1ml of saliva – about a small spoonful – into a tube and the clinician mails the sample in a postage-paid shipping package to our lab. If a buccal swab is suggested, the patient would rub the swab against their cheek firmly for one minute and then the clinician mails the sample to our lab in a postage-paid shipping package.
  3. Genomind’s lab will analyze the DNA in 3-5 business upon receipt of the sample.
  4. Genomind will send the patient’s genetic test results in a report, with clinical interpretations, directly to the clinician.
  5. A psychopharmacologist will be readily available to provide a consult on the results.  The clinician is able to consider this additional information when they make a treatment decision for their patient.