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    Bipolar Disorder or Typical Life Stage Crisis? DNA Testing Helps a Young Man Know Himself

    June 4, 2019

    Charlie was a college senior struggling at school and acting out in dangerous ways. He had done poorly on two medications already. His family feared the worst was yet to come.

    “Charlie’s genes created a greater vulnerability in him for being overwhelmed by the life stage challenges he faced.”

    Charlie is asking for help, but afraid to hear a serious diagnosis such as bipolar disorder. Dr Kehr ordered a mental health DNA test as a first step. He learned that Charlie’s DNA indicated he might have a negative reaction to Zoloft, as indeed he had in the past.

    “[Genetic testing] provided a clear path forward for more precisely prescribing helpful medications.”

    Dr. Bruce A Kehr, a psychiatrist at Potomac Psychiatry, developed a precise treatment plan based on a full assessment and the genetic variations within Charlie’s personal genome.

    DNA testing and targeted treatment turned Charlie’s life around. Read on…

    Topics: depression, pharmacogenetic testing, treating mental illness, Dr. Bruce Kehr, Other Conditions

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