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    Pandemic Tips for Parents: How to Manage Your Family’s Mental Health

    November 18, 2020
    mom and teen talking during remote work and school

    The COVID-19 pandemic is hard for kids and parents alike. Worries about your family’s health plus changes in school, work, and social life can leave anyone overwhelmed.

    Featured Podcast: RadioMD Mindful Medicine

    Amy Edgar, APRN, founder of the Children’s Integrated Center for Success and a Genomind clinical partner, discusses how to help children cope during COVID-19 on a recent episode of the Mindful Medicine podcast. She also explains how to recognize when children may need expert help and shares tactics for managing work, family, and life during this tricky time. 


    Plus, want more great tips for parents? Check out more ways to help your child’s mental health during COVID-19.

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    Topics: anxiety, depression, podcast, Child & Teen Help

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