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    Genomind White Paper Describing The Clinical Utility Of Pharmacogenetic Testing In Psychiatry Published In Psychiatry Journal

    Published on Dec 22, 2014 8:00:17 AM

    Presents evidence supporting benefits of pharmacogenetics in psychiatric clinical practice.

    KING OF PRUSSIA, PA – December 22, 2014 - Genomind, a personalized medicine company, is proud to announce the publication of its Case for Change White Paper, titled “The Potential Utility of Pharmacogenetic Testing in Psychiatry.” The paper is currently available online here.

    The White Paper presents evidence supporting the rapid rise of pharmacogenetics in psychiatric clinical practice and the benefits of such testing to patients, including reduced risk of side effects, identification of treatment plans with higher likelihoods of success, improved patient outcomes, and decreased healthcare costs.

    “At Genomind we continually strive to help facilitate improved patient treatment, and we are thrilled to share our work in personalized medicine and pharmacogenetics with more clinicians in the field,” says Dr. Jay Lombard, Chief Scientific Officer and Medical Director, Genomind, and co-author. “Our hope is that this publication will further support the clinical utility of genetic testing in psychiatry and open more clinicians to the opportunities associated with genetic testing and improved patient care.”

    “Many studies have now been published demonstrating improved patient outcomes and decreased healthcare costs for psychiatric patients who have their treatment informed by genetic testing”, said Kathryn Gardner, MS, Scientific/Clinical Research Analyst, Genomind, and co-author. “The intent of the White Paper is to describe current evidence and present case studies to demonstrate use in everyday practice.”

    Other co-authors include Rachel Scott, PharmD, Vice President, Clinical Research and Operations, Genomind, and Francis X. Brennan, PhD.

    Psychiatry Journal is a peer-reviewed, open access journal that publishes original research articles, review articles, and clinical studies in all areas of psychiatry.

    About the Genecept Assay

    The Genecept Assay is a comprehensive, simple-to-use tool for understanding genetic and biological markers that best inform response to different psychiatric treatments. The Assay is Genomind’s core product, and contains a proprietary panel of biomarker tests, an analytic report, and a psychopharmacologist consultation. The Assay can be used for a range of psychiatric conditions including depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, anxiety disorders, OCD and ADHD. For more information on the Assay, including information about the specific genes in the panel, please visit http://www.genomind.com/intro-to-personalized-medicine/.

    About Genomind

    Genomind is a personalized medicine company, comprised of innovative researchers and expert leaders in psychiatry and neurology. Genomind is committed to discovery of the underlying causes of neuropsychiatric disorders and supports the development of personalized medicine that improves patients’ lives. Genomind was founded by Ronald I. Dozoretz, MD, a psychiatrist who has devoted his career to improving mental health. Jay Lombard, DO, a neurologist and co-founder of Genomind, is a critically acclaimed author and nationally recognized thought leader in neuropsychiatry practice and research. Learn more at http://www.genomind.com.

    For more information, contact:

    Adam Shapiro

    Amy Pressman
    Marketing Manager, Genomind

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