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    Genomind Professional PGx Rx MetaType Card

    metatype card with express

    Why do I need it?

    Knowing the way you metabolize medications is as important as knowing your blood type. There are nearly 274 medications whose prescribing information contains warnings, precautions and/or concomitant drug use and dosage recommendations based specific gene variants.

    What is it?

    Every test comes with an Genomind Professional PGx Rx MetaType™ card that will allow you to keep that information on hand. Your Genomind Professional PGx Rx MetaType card includes information on six liver enzymes that are responsible for the metabolism of most drugs and identifies your unique enzyme profile (your genotype).

    When do I use it?

    It is intended for use by your current and future clinicians for mental health and beyond. You can find this as a cut out on the report provided by your clinician. 



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