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    We see firsthand how our test has impacted the lives of patients, loved ones and clinicians every day.


    Family Stories




    "I firmly believe that this information can save lives and revolutionize how we as a culture think about people who have mental illness."

    - Kristen Davis Schwandes







    "When I say the Genomind Professional PGx Express gave me my life back, I really mean it. To finally say goodbye to the pain and disruptions to work and relationships is truly amazing."

    - Larry Bone






    "I have a compass of sorts, in the form of my genetic test results, to navigate the medication options that are likely to help or hinder me, should I need to change them in the future."

    - Tim Shelford




    quote-img“I watched my daughter struggle for years and we had many moments of despair as she spiraled into the depths of anxiety and depression. We wondered if we’d ever find treatments for her that would work. Using Genomind’s test has been a lifesaving part of my daughter’s treatment. The information it gave our doctor enabled him to choose a medication more likely to work for her body, which I believe allowed the other pieces – like cognitive therapy and wellness habits – to take root. I am beyond grateful for Genomind’s test, which was such a key part of her healing process, and I hope that more patients are able to use this important tool in their mental health journey.”

    - Jennifer Connelly, mother of a patient whose clinician prescribed Genomind’s Professional PGx Express test as part of her mental health care program.




    Clinician for Testimonialsm

    Clinician Stories


    STEPHEN M. STAHL, MD, PHD, Adjunct Professor of Psychiatry University of California, San Diego (UCSD) - Genomind Scientific Advisory Board Member

    "As the field of psychiatry moves more towards a biologically-based science, and as we learn more about the biological basis of psychiatric illnesses and their associated treatments, pharmacogenomics will continue to be an increasingly important additional tool for providers"


    SUZANNE H. GRANTHAM, PMHNP, Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner

    "I’ve been using the Genecept Assay for over three years and found that it helps me select the right medications for patients so that they can start feeling better more quickly."


    BRUCE A. KEHR, MD, www.potomacpsychiatry.com

    "The Genecept Assay is a remarkable technologic advancement that has significantly improved our capabilities to optimize patient outcomes. We include the test as a part of each new patient evaluation, and have performed the assay on hundreds of patients in the past two years. We have learned there is a high level of patient endorsement of the test primarily because of their enhanced understanding of how medication works to help them feel better."


    MICHELLE COCHRAN, MD, Director of Nashville Center for Hope & Healing, healnashville.com; Director of NeuroScience and TMS Center, nashvilletmsdoctor.com

    "As we enter a new age of medicine, applying genetics and understanding more of the underpinnings of illness, it is helpful to have a reliable, consistent partner like Genomind. For the last two years, we have been ordering the Genecept Assay on new and existing patients in our clinic, and recently I commented that I feel at a disadvantage when I don’t have access to my patient’s genetic information. Although genetic testing is not diagnostic of illness it is helpful for clinicians and patients alike. Genetic testing aids in the understanding the multitude of complex factors that coexist to cause symptoms, and certainly is helpful in planning for effective treatment which helps us get patients to remission."



    "Pharmacogenetics should not only be about the interactions of medications with body but also about interactions between drugs. With psychiatric prescribing, polypharmacy is common. G-DIG enables the Genecept Assay to be an even more complete tool, addressing both gene and drug interactions. It illustrates for the prescriber and the patient the efficacious use of medications, including their potential interactions. It can help to decrease side effects and aid in adding other medications to balance side effects, therefore decreasing noncompliance and patient hospitalization."


    JAN MAYBEE, PMHNP, Mill Street Psychiatric

    "I have become an avid user of the Genomind Assay as a tool to guide me in making rational pharmacologic choices for my psychiatric patients. The kits are simple to use without bogging down my schedule. My patients are always excited to have objective information to guide our treatment choices, and I have significantly increased the number of patients in remission without resorting to polypharmacy. I would never go back to working without Genomind as a guiding light for treatment of complex patients.


    Samuel Sharmat, MD, President at Sharmat Psychiatric Group

    “Integrating lab requests and direct result reporting of tools like Genomind Professional PGx Express into DrChrono has sped up my practice significantly. Being able to quickly and accurately obtain a comprehensive mental health genetic profile, and having it seamlessly integrate into DrChrono’s medical records interface, allows me to use this crucial patient data and focus more on patients instead of billing systems. Previously, I considered the paperwork of lab requisitions to be a major obstacle. Now I can confidently put in an order quickly and know that the results will download directly into a patient’s electronic chart where I will be able to easily find them.”


    Daniel Kivatinos, Chief Operating Officer and Co-founder of DrChrono

    “Precision medicine is really going to change our lives and I believe companies like Genomind are going to pave the path of our future where medical professionals will have way more insight into patients than they ever have before. I’m excited about the future of our partnership and where it will take us.”


    Dr. Stephanie King, owner of Center for Holistic and Integrative Mental Health

    “The enhanced model of care brought about by this collaboration between Genomind and NeuroFlow provides important insights into the clinical evaluation of my patients, enabling me to better understand their individual needs so that I can provide enhanced, personalized care. From their personalized genetic profile and its connection to mental health, to real-time information on symptoms, compliance, and results, this has been a win for me and my patients. I believe the industry will benefit as a whole from this type of innovative thinking.”